About Us

Kairoh Garden has been founded by Dutch Barbara Somers and Gambian Kawsu Sillah in 2000. Together with their loving family, they take care of visitors all around the world and show them the authentic way of living in The Gambia.

Over the years, the guesthouses have grown into spacious and beautiful accommodations that gives you the most memorable experiences you will get. Wake up in a bird-rich mango garden, laze in the hammock, enjoy a cold drink on the veranda, eat good (African) food and emerge yourself in the Gambian lifestyle. 

Get to know us even better and listen to this podcast episode where a few of our staff members talk more about Kairoh Garden.

Why choose Kairoh Garden?

  • Beautiful locations
  • Relaxing rooms
  • Restaurant
  • Conference room
  • Hot showers available
  • Lots of activities
  • Kairoh Garden Foundation
  • Sustainable and responsible

Kairoh Garden offers the Gambian inhabitants a safe and fun workplace where they get in touch with different cultures.

The money earned by Kairoh Garden gets invested in the loving Gambian children to ensure they have a safe and stable future ahead of them.

Kairoh Garden Foundation

The Gambia is a beautiful country with lovely people, but they sometimes need our help and guidance. Some schools do not have the right materials to improve their building or education, some families have a broken well, and some boys or girls would like to go to university but cannot afford this. Many of our guests have seen these problems with their own eyes and would like to do something. But how could they help or support this if they’re only in the country for a short period of time? 

The Kairoh Garden Foundation can help!